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  1. The argument that the stand up show case clubs in NYC are getting “well seasoned” performers is invalid. The really well seasoned comics are on the rad. The comics in NYC might be working on their acts to get them on the road, but it’s not like they’re all Jerry Seinfeld. The NYC clubs that pay $25-75 do so after a long, hard fought battle in the late 70’s. At the beginning of the showcase comedy clubs, they were struggling. Stand up was new and the comics were willing to work for free. Once the clubs started filling up, and comics were finding it difficult to eat, they struck against the clubs. The clubs eventually agreed to pay. In Los Angeles, the strike was much worse, (especially since it was taking place in my living room while I was in high school. My parents were ring leaders in the strike) and Mitzi Shore (owner of The Comedy Store) took the stance that the clubs were a school, and the comics wouldn’t be able to experiment if they were paid. The comics position was that the clubs were making money, and since the club was benefiting from that, they should get paid something. Something being $25 (I can’t believe the price hasn’t gone up). I understand that UCB isn’t a comedy club. They charge less at the door, and there’s no drink minimum. (Though in NY they do sell drinks). It may be that improvisers and comedians come from two different worlds. A comedian does all the work on his or her own for their act. There’s not a whole group or cast to pay. Improvisers are fine with not being paid. Maybe they haven’t had their strike yet. But the rationale that some shows bring in more money than others isn’t enough of an excuse to not pay… the clubs already have a sliding pay scale based on attendance. It’s in UCB’s interest to get the best comics available. It doesn’t seem to me that $5 is out of line.
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